Clothing Zipper Repair Kit

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This Dritz Clothing Zipper Repair Kit comes in handy when you have broken or worn zipper sliders. You can use it to replace old sliders on different clothing items such as jeans, jackets and coats. This zipper rescue kit contains several nylon coil sliders, metal tooth sliders, bottom stops, and top stops.

  • Replace broken or worn zipper sliders
  • For jeans, jackets and coats
  • Assorted colors
  • Includes: 3 ct 2.5mm Nylon coil sliders, 3 ct 4.5mm Metal tooth sliders, 3 ct 5mm Metal tooth sliders, 3 ct 5mm Metal tooth sliders, 6 ct 5mm Bottom stops, 4 ct 5mm Top stops

Quantity: 1 KIT


  1. Rip out stitches around bottom of zipper. (It is not necessary to remove zipper completely.) Cut off bottom stop and any damaged coils.
  2. Remove old slider.
  3. With coils separated, insert each side of zipper halfway into slider; hold tape firmly and pull slider onto coils.
  4. Pull slider up zipper; add bottom stop or whipstitch over chain.
  5. Re-stitch zipper bottom into garment.

TIP: Reinforce tape ends with Fray Check.

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