Chalk Powder Marker

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  • For marking quilting designs
  • Use with stencils, perforated paper patterns and templates
  • White

Quantity: 1 PC

Color: White

Always test mark on fabric to be sure chalk is easily removed. To avoid removing marked designs before quilting, do not fold quilt during quilting process.

To mark quilting lines:

  1. Place stencil, paper pattern or template on fabric in desired position; secure with masking tape or quilt basting spray.
  2. Holding chalk powder marker with fingers, lightly pounce along stencil channels, paper holes, or around edges of template.
  3. Remove pattern to reveal design.
  4. After quilting, brush away powder.

TIP: To create perforated paper designs, trace pattern on typing paper. Using unthreaded 10/70 sewing machine needle, stitch along design. Lightly sand wrong side of paper with sandpaper to open up holes.

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