Carina Design Wood Shawl Pin Rosewood

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Loran® Shawl Pins make a great fashion accessory for shawls, scarfs, vests and many other knitted or crocheted apparel items. Use them on any loose weave fabric or knit: to keep shawl or scarf folds in place as desired, as a brooch, or to close a knitted bag top.

  • Elegant shape and wood design
  • A great fashion accessory for shawls, scarfs, vests and other knitted and crocheted items
  • Use on any loose weave fabric or knit

Quantity: 1 pc

  1. Arrange layers of material as desired. If using as a fastener, overlap edges completely.
  2. Place the base of shawl pin on top of the layers in desired position.
  3. Insert point of shawl pin at edge of center hole in base and through all layers of fabric. Bring point out at the other side of ring.

Tip: push all layers of material up through center hole to help secure pin.


Ages 13+

Dimensions 5221079 in

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