Brass Upholstery Zipper, 2 YD

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Create stylish and protective zippered covers for your upholstery with the Dritz Home Upholstery Zipper. The pack contains one 2 yard long upholstery zipper with brass teeth that provide durability and extra strength. This zipper comes in a beige shade that’s visually appealing and will complements almost all home decor themes. It is ideal for use with pillows, seat cushions, slipcovers and other upholstery items. This zipper features a locking tab on the slider that prevents accidental opening. Zipper can be shortened if needed.

  • Use for pillows, cushions or slipcovers
  • Brass teeth provide durability and extra strength
  • Locking tab on slider prevents accidental opening
  • If zipper does not open easily, rub teeth with beeswax or Dritz #646 Ezy- Zipper Glide
  • Zipper can be shortened if needed

Quantity: 1 PC

Length: 2 YD (1.82 m)

Color: Beige

To shorten zipper, create a new bottom stop at the desired length. Stitch across coils with an extra wide zigzag stitch (wider than 4 mm) set at 0 length (A). Or stitch by hand using a hand needle until stitches rise above coil (B). Cut away excess zipper tape 1” from stitched stop.

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