Bow Tie Set

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The DritzĀ® bow tie set contains 3 pieces of hardware for making your own easy-sew bow tie. The strap can be made from the fabric of your choice or 5/8″ DritzĀ® fold-over elastic.

  • DIY bowties are ideal for kids and adults
  • Customize your fabric color and style for everyday wear, or special occasions like prom, weddings, holidays and celebrations
  • Each set includes hook, eye and slide adjuster for a 5/8″ strap
  1. Slide one end of the strap around the center bar of the slide ajuster. Stitch end to secure.
  2. Slide the opposite end of the strap through the eye and back toward the slide adjuster.
  3. Pass that end back through the slide.
  4. Pass the end through the hook (hook facing downward) and stitch the end in place. Adjust slide to fit.


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