7∕8″ Craft Cover Buttons & Tools

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Use Dritz Craft Cover Buttons to get crafty! Package includes two types of button backs. Embellish garments or add handmade touches to store-bought clothing using the buttons with shank backs. Use the flat backs without shanks to make accessories and for craft applications. Simply glue jewelry findings and magnets for no-sew craft applications. The clear template allows you to center, trace and cut specific designs from your fabric. Washable and dry cleanable.

  • Embellish garments using backs with shanks
  • Create jewelry and accessories using backs without shanks
  • Clear template allows you to center, trace and cut specific designs from fabric
  • Hand tools included for application
  • Clear Template: Patent No. US 9,364,049 B2
  • Larger quantity for use with multiple projects packaged in reusable zipper storage bag

Quantity: 60 Sets, 3 Tools (1 clear template, 1 mold, 1 pusher)

Size: 7/8"

Color: Nickel

1. Place template on fabric, and use inside window of template to line up desired
image. Trace around outside of template; cut out circle (A). For sheer fabrics,
line with fabric or interfacing.
2. Center fabric, wrong side up, over the mold, and press button shell into mold
(B). Turn mold over and adjust fabric if image is not centered.
3. Tuck fabric into button shell. Place either style of back over tucked fabric; press down firmly with pusher to snap
into place.

For supplemental instructions, refer to the following files:


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