6 Petal Templates

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Create perfect 6-petal embroidered designs, ranging from 3/8″ to 1-7/8″ using these precisely marked Loran® Petal Templates. Petals align evenly around center circle for complete symmetry when designing flowers, leaves and other embellishing ideas. Easy to use!

  • Use the durable plastic templates for marking 6-petal designs evenly around a center circle
  • Embroider perfect flowers everywhere, fabric shoes, collars, hats & clothes
  • Easy to use and no other patterns needed
  • Create flowers with diameters from 3/8 in to 1-7/8 in (2.22 cm to 4.76 cm)
  1. Mark center position of design on fabric.
  2. Determine the overall size desired.
  3. Find the color band on correct template to match size dimension.
  4. Center the template over the marked position.
  5. Follow the color band around the circle and mark the 6 holes found within that color band.
  6. Remove tool and stitch as desired.

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