5/8″ Make Your Own Chenille

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Dritz Quilting make-your-own chenille is a roll of 5/8″ wide, 100% cotton bias cut fabric that is used to create a chenille effect on a variety of quilting and sewing projects.

  • Strips of the bias cut fabric are cut and stitched onto your project surface
  • After washing, drying and fluffing the project surface, the bias strips will look like chenille
  • Use to create chenille effects on pillows, bedding, curtains, garments, bags and more
  • Black

Quantity: 1 ROLL

Size: 5/8" (15 mm)

Length: 20 YD (18.2 m)

Color: Black

1. Cut two pieces of bias strip the length needed for project.

2. Place one strip on fabric wherever chenille effect is desired.

3. Straight stitch down center of strip. For best results, stitch by machine.

4. Place second strip directly over top of first strip, and machine stitch down center.

5. For best results, machine wash in cold water.

(a) If machine washing isn’t possible, wet strip with plain water either by submerging in sink or misting with a spray bottle. Make sure strips are completely wet.

6. Machine dry on warm setting.

7. If a fluffier effect is desired, repeat steps 5 and 6 until desired look is achieved.

(a) ALTERNATIVE Method – if another cycle of machine washing and drying isn’t possible, bias tape can also be brushed with a stiff nylon bristle brush, like a toothbrush or nail brush until desired effect is achieved

NOTE: Results may vary if a High Efficiency Washing Machine is used. Because these machines use less water and energy, agitation is reduced and chenille effect may not be as noticeable after 1 or 2 washes. Additional repeat of steps may be needed.

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