5/8″ Heavy Duty Snap Kit

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Dritz ® heavy duty snaps are strong fasteners that are suitable for use on garments, accessories and sports gear.

  • Versatile snaps can be used on clothing and fashion accessories
  • They offer super functionality and are great for DIY repairs to skiwear, boat covers and camping equipment
  • Rustproof
  • Nickel-plated brass

Quantity: 7 sets

Color: Black

  1. Work on a firm, protected surface.
  2. Mark position of snaps on topside and underside of garment. Punch holes in fabric using hole puncher or cut with scissors.
  3. For cap & socket: on topside of fabric, push post of cap through hole in fabric from right to wrong side. Place cap on smooth side of anvil. Position socket, bowl side up, over cap post. Insert metal tool into post. Hammer until cap and socket are tight.
  4. For post & stud: on underside of fabric, push post through hole in fabric from wrong to right side. Place post on raised center side of anvil. Position stud, raised side up over post. Insert metal tool into post. Hammer tuntil stud and post are tight.

Keep away from children under 3. Fasten item securely to
project & periodically check secureness.

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