5/16″ Iron Safe Nylon Snaps

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Accentuate your fabric projects by decorating them with the Dritz Iron Safe Clear Nylon Sew-On Snaps. These sleek heat-resistant nylon snaps can elevate the chic quotient of your creative designs. Easy to attach, these washable and dry cleanable sew-on snaps can be attached to fabrics by any home iron or ironing press using up to a cotton setting. Eighteen 5/16-inch wide sew-on snaps are included in this package.

  • Heat-resistant and can be safely ironed over by most home irons and ironing presses; up to a cotton setting
  • Non-rusting
  • Snaps are washable and dry cleanable
  • Nylon
  • Frosted

Quantity: 18 SETS

Size: 5/16"

Color: Clear

Be sure to test snaps with your iron before attaching.

  1. To remove from bar, simply twist snaps apart.
  2. To apply, whip stitch through each hole as illustrated on packaging.

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