45 mm Rotary Cutter

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Dritz® Quilting 101 45Mm Rotary Cutter is great for getting those super clean cuts and cuts single or multiple layers of fabric in any direction. It features a soft-grip handle reduces wrist and hand strain and a safety lock to lock the blade in place when not in use. Most 45 mm blades will work with this rotary cutter.

  • Rotary cutter for super clean cuts
  • Cuts single or multiple layers of fabric in any direction
  • Soft-grip handle reduces wrist and hand strain
  • Safety lock to lock blade in place

Quantity: 1 PC

Color: Blue and white

  1. To release safety lock, pull back on lever on top of handle. Push lever forward to lock blade.
  2. To change blade, remove screw from cutter and remove center plug. Carefully slide blade off and dispose of properly. Place new blade on guide, insert center plug and replace washer and screw.

Caution: blade is extremely sharp.

When not in use, put lever in lock position.

Always use a protective cover for your work surface, such as a cutting mat.

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