3/8″ Nursing Bra Clips

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Create DIY nursing bras using a new bra or your favorite fitting bra. Simply add Dritz® Nursing Clips to the straps to turn it into a stylish, comfortable nursing bra. The package of clips include both black and white clips.

  • 4 sets – 2 black & 2 white
  • The two-part clip attached to the top of the bra cup and the strap ends.
  • An additional piece of elastic should be added to the strap and the inside of the cup to keep the strap in place while nursing.
  • Clips can be easily and quickly opened with just one hand.
  • Use on bras, tank tops, or sleepwear with straps

Quantity: 4 SETS

Color: Multicolor

  1. Cut through bra strap about 1” above top of cup.
  2. Insert 1” strap end into slot of cup clip from front to back. Fold down ½” and stitch strap end to bra.
  3. Insert loose strap end through top slot of strap clip, front to back, and fold up ½”. Topstitch folded strap end to strap to secure.
  4. Try on bra. Cut 2 pieces of elastic to stretch from top of cup, around side of breast, to side edge of cup plus 2-3”. Remove bra.
  5. Insert one end of elastic in bottom slot of strap clip. Fold over ½” and stitch to secure. Try bra back on and pin elastic to side of bra cup, as desired.
  6. Remove bra and re-pin elastic in same position inside the cup. Stitch to bra and trim excess.

Small parts. Keep away from children.

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