3/4″ Swim Suit Bra Hooks

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Use the Dritz 3/4” Wide Swim Suit Bra Hooks Black Pack of 2 to replace the damaged or worn-out hooks of your swimsuits and lingerie. These hooks can be easily attached to your bra with the help of a ballpoint needle. You can also use these durable bra hooks to repair your swim suit tops.

  • For swim suit tops and lingerie
  • Black
  • Metal

Quantity: 2 PC

Size: 3/4"

Color: Black

  1. Pull one side of strap through closed side of hook. Fold under raw edge and stitch through all thicknesses close to hook.
  2. Fold under raw edge of other side of strap fold 3/8 in under and stitch 1/4 in from folded end through all thicknesses creating a loop. Use a ballpoint needle when sewing swimwear and lingerie fabrics.

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