1″ Soft Bra-Back Extender

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When the hooks on your favorite bra tear, don’t despair! The Dritz® Soft Bra-Back Repair contains a sew-in elastic replacement strip with two rows of eyes and separate hook replacement piece that will help restore your bra to working order. Soft backing provides comfort and eliminates skin irritation.

  • Provides Comfort and eliminates irritation
  • Contains sew-in elastic replacement strip and separate hook replacement piece
  • White
  • 1″ Wide

Quantity: 1 PC

Size: 1" (2.5 cm)

Color: White


  1. Remove hook section from bra.
  2. Fold new hook section of fabric over end of bra with hook on inside. Stitch around open edges.


  1. Remove eye section from bra.
  2. Overlap end of bra over elastic on new eye section, duplicating the original length.
  3. Stitch together using a zig-zag stitch. Trim away excess elastic if necessary.

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