1/2 in Covered Raglan Shoulder Pads

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  • For blouses, dresses and teen wear
  • Use in unlined garments
  • Can be recovered to coordinate with fashion fabric
  • Multi-layered-molded polyfill/tricot knit cover
  • Machine washable and dry cleanable
  • White

Positioning Shoulder Pads:

  1. Try on garment or place garment on dressform and insert shoulder pads. Raglan style pads should extend beyond and cup over the edge of the shoulder. Adjust pads as needed.
  2. On outside of garment, pin through pads along shoulder seams.

Attaching Shoulder Pads:

  • Tack-In Method
    • Turn garment to wrong side and hand tack shoulder pad loosely to shoulder and sleeve or raglan seam allowance.
  • Sew-In Method
    • For greater security, loosely hand stitch shoulder pad along shoulder seam allowances.

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