1/2″ Bias Tape Maker

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Use the Dritz Bias Tape Maker to make 1/2″ tape for sewing and craft projects. A precision tool that folds fabric into perfect halves automatically, it lets you make smooth, even 1/2″ bias tape for hems, sleeves, armholes, quilting, and craft projects. One easy motion creates any length bias tape without fumbling, with creases, setting down iron, or making tedious measurements.

Quantity: 1 PC

Size: 1/2" (12 mm)

Color: Silver

  1. Straighten end of fabric.
  2. Fold end to meet selvage.
  3. Mark and cut fold.
  4. Draw Parallel lines 1 inch from bias edge.
  5. Cut strips.
  6. Pin strips right sides together at right angles.
  7. Stitch 1/4 inch seam; trim points and press seam open.
  8. Wrong side up feed bias strip into wide end of tape maker.
  9. Use pin to pull fabric through.
  10. Pin end of strip to ironing board.
  11. Pull tape maker and press in folds.
  12. Keep iron close to tape maker.

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