1 1/4″ Overall Buckles

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Dritz® overall buckles with no-sew buttons are used for DIY sewing projects as well as repairing, replacing or adding buckles to store-bought garments.

  • For 1-1/4 inch (3.1 cm) straps
  • Package contains 2 sets of no-sew buckles/buttons
  • Antique Brass

Quantity: 2 SETS

  1. Loop strap through buckle.
  2. Push button tack through fabric from wrong side of garment.
  3. With button (top side down) on firm surface, put tack into button shank and hit back of tack with hammer to secure.
  4. Loop strap through buckle and adjust as needed.

as sold. Keep away from children under 3. Fasten
item securely to project & periodically check secureness.

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