Whether creating or altering a sewing pattern, sewing something new, or tailoring or refashioning an existing garment, the right tools make the task much easier. Dritz® seam rippers are a must-have – and, in fact, most sewists have more than one! Some sewing tools are lesser known, but still very clever – the handy bodkin and awl are examples.

Above, you'll find some prime examples of our needles. We can change these out to highlight specific ones, or leave it random and let it update automatically over time.

FAQ Section:

What all can I do with elastics?

Dritz Elastics can be used for many things, some of which include: using as skirt waistbands, bag straps, or even elastic things!

How do I attach elastic to other materials?

To attach our Dritz elastics to other materials, typically you would sew it on. Many of our elastic bands are designed with sewing in mind, so there is ample room to allow a seem on both sides of the band, without restricting the elasticity hardly at all!