Looking for an easy alternative to buttons or zippers? Have you considered snap fasteners? Dritz snap fasteners are a great option if you're looking for a closure that is secure, easy to attach, and opens and closes quickly once applied. Snaps can be a bold, visible part of your garment, or they can be hidden and purely functional. Dritz snap fasteners come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. Popular uses for snap fasteners include children's clothing, accessories and western-style shirts. 

Snap to it!

Decorative Snaps

Dritz Sewing - Decorative Snaps

Magnetic Snaps

Dritz Sewing - Magnetic Snaps

Sew-On Snaps

Dritz Sewing - Sew-On Snaps
Item #: 80-10-1
Item #: 80-125-38
Item #: 85
Item #: 850

Snap Fastener Kits

Dritz Sewing - Snap Fastener Kits
Item #: 16K
Dritz Snap Fastener Pliers
Item #: 16P

Snap Fasteners

Dritz Sewing - Snap Fasteners
Item #: 115-65
Item #: 116-65
Item #: 15-65
Item #: 15-9
Item #: 16-65

Snap Tape

Dritz Sewing - Snap Tape
Item #: 82-1
Item #: 82-25
Item #: 82-9
Item #: 28607-1
Item #: 28607-9