Quilting Tools

If you are new to quilting, there are some quilting tools you’ll want to know about. These are clever tools to help you work faster and smarter. And we all need more time, right? Baste quickly using clips, design with ease using quilting templates, and if you make a mistake, well, you need a seam ripper to remove it.  

Save time; make more quilts.

Basting & Quilt Binding Tools

Dritz Quilting = Basting & Quilt Binding Tools
Item #: 3324
Item #: 3446
Item #: 3106
Item #: 3146
Dritz Quilting Binding Clips
Item #: 3159

Plastic Quilting Templates

Dritz Plastic Quilting Templates

Quilt Designing Tools

Dritz Quilt Designing Tools

Quilting Kits

Dritz Quilting Kits

Seam Rippers & Thread Pullers

Dritz Quilting - Seam Rippers & Thread Pullers
Item #: 3418

Specialty Quilting Tools

Dritz Specialty Quilting Tools
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