Dritz® New Products

Every year we launch loads of new Dritz® sewing, quilting and DIY home decorating products. We develop these products based on market trends and input from creative enthusiasts and end users like yourself. This year we're featuring a generous amount of new fashion sewing fasteners. We've got tons of new rings, hooks, snaps and slides. This must-have hardware is available in an expanded range of on-trend finishes, such as copper and gunmetal. New sewing basics include a dual-blade seam ripper, a hummingbird needle threader and reusable, preloaded bobbins. New elastic colors and woven jacquard patterns provide so many design options. Wow! 

Check out what's new for 2017!

Dritz 2" Soft Waistband Elastic, blue
Item #: 9591-Blue
Dritz 2" Soft Waistband Elastic, brown
Item #: 9591-Brown
Dritz 2" Soft Waistband Elastic, coral
Item #: 9591-Coral
Dritz 2" Soft Waistband Elastic, green
Item #: 9591-Green
Dritz 2" Soft Waistband Elastic, Violet
Item #: 9591-Violet
Dritz Color-It-Yourself Sewing Basket
Item #: Z10010-161
Dritz Sewing Basket
Item #: Z10027-161
Dritz Sewing Basket
Item #: Z10332-161
Dritz Sewing Basket
Item #: Z10401-161
Dritz Sewing Baskets
Item #: ZC1000-16
Sewing Basket
Item #: ZC1006-16