Dritz® New Products

Every year we launch loads of new Dritz® sewing, quilting and DIY home decorating products. We develop these products based on market trends and input from creative enthusiasts and end users like yourself. We've got cool tools like needle storage tubes to keep you organized. Innovative Easy Grasp™ pins provide a brand new straight pin option for you (you'll love how easy they are to grasp and grip). And if fashion is your thing, we've got heavy duty screw-together grommets and new locks for bags and totes. Wow! 

Check out what's new for 2016!

Dritz Swivel Hook, black plastic
Item #: 14025
Dritz Waxed Button Thread
Item #: 14028
Dritz Vest Buckles
Item #: 14055-65
Dritz Slide Buckle Set
Item #: 14057-65
Dritz Heavy Duty Staple Gun
Item #: 14334
Dritz Tack Claw
Item #: 14341
Dritz Dressmaker Pins
Item #: 14344
Dritz Easy Grasp Pins
Item #: 14348
Dritz Metal Swivel Hook
Item #: 14352-65
Dritz Curved Brass Safety Pins
Item #: 14355
Dritz Awl
Item #: 14357
Dritz Curtain Grommets, pewter
Item #: 14360
Dritz Safety Pins
Item #: 15026
Dritz Curved Safety Pins
Item #: 15029
Dritz Cone Thread Holder
Item #: 16000
Dritz Needle Threader
Item #: 16003
Dritz 36" Flexible Yardstick
Item #: 16004
Dritz Beeswax with Holder
Item #: 16012
Decorative Metal Studs, gold
Item #: 16015-35
Dritz Chalk Cartridge Set
Item #: 16017