Dritz® New Products

Every year we launch loads of new Dritz® sewing, quilting and DIY home decorating products. We develop these products based on market trends and input from creative enthusiasts and end users like yourself. We've got cool tools like needle storage tubes to keep you organized. Innovative Easy Grasp™ pins provide a brand new straight pin option for you (you'll love how easy they are to grasp and grip). And if fashion is your thing, we've got heavy duty screw-together grommets and new locks for bags and totes. Wow! 

Check out what's new for 2016!

Dritz Easy Grasp Pins
Item #: 135-40
Dritz Bulb Pins
Item #: 137
Dritz Snap Fastener Pliers
Item #: 16P
Dritz Grommet Pliers
Item #: 1P
Dritz Suspender Slides
Item #: 203
Dritz Soft Comfort Thimble, Large
Item #: 204-L
Dritz Soft Comfort Thimble, Medium
Item #: 204-M
Dritz Soft Comfort Thimble, Small
Item #: 204-S
Dritz Polypro Belting Lime, 1 in
Item #: 28602-43
Dritz Polypro Belting Steel Blue, 1 in
Item #: 28602-53
Sew-On Toggle, Black
Item #: 454-1
Dritz Sew-On Toggle, Brown
Item #: 454-11
Dritz Sew-On Toggle, Gray
Item #: 454-13
Dritz Sew-On Toggle, Tan
Item #: 454-58
Dritz Fashion Slide Adjusters
Item #: 457-38
Dritz Eyelet Pliers
Item #: 574
Dritz Screw Together Grommets
Item #: 709-65
Dritz Screw Together Grommets
Item #: 712-35
Dritz Screw Together Grommets
Item #: 714-65
Dritz Turn Lock
Item #: 715-38
Dritz Turn Lock
Item #: 717-65
Dritz Press Lock
Item #: 718-38
Dritz Press Lock
Item #: 719-65
Dritz Flip Lock
Item #: 722-38
Dritz Slide Buckle
Item #: 724
Dritz Belt Tips
Item #: 725
Dritz Sew-On Magnetic Snap
Item #: 759-38
Dritz Needle Storage Tubes
Item #: 812
Dritz Flexible Yardstick
Item #: 843