Dritz® New Products

Every year we launch loads of new Dritz® sewing, quilting and DIY home decorating products. We develop these products based on market trends and input from creative enthusiasts and end users like yourself. This year we're featuring a generous amount of new fashion sewing fasteners. We've got tons of new rings, hooks, snaps and slides. This must-have hardware is available in an expanded range of on-trend finishes, such as copper and gunmetal. New sewing basics include a dual-blade seam ripper, a hummingbird needle threader and reusable, preloaded bobbins. New elastic colors and woven jacquard patterns provide so many design options. Wow! 

Check out what's new for 2017!

Dritz D-Rings, copper
Item #: 117-1-32
Dritz D-Rings, antique brass
Item #: 117-1-38
Dritz Heart Pearlized Pins
Item #: 139
Dritz T-Pins
Item #: 140
Dritz Polypro Belting Red, 1 in
Item #: 28602-4
Dritz Polypro Belting Peridot, 1 in
Item #: 28602-55
Dritz Polypro Belting Violet, 1 in
Item #: 28602-56
Dritz Mighty Fabric Steamer
Item #: 29501
Dritz Fix-a-Zipper
Item #: 309-C-33
Dritz Fix-a-Zipper
Item #: 309-M-38
Dritz Fix-a-Zipper
Item #: 309-P-33
LoRan Creative Buttons
Item #: 40089
Dritz Creative Buttons
Item #: 40090
LoRan Sashiko Gold Eye Needles
Item #: 40091
LoRan Magnetic Strips
Item #: 40092
Dritz Fabric Glue Stick
Item #: 423
Dritz Glue Spreaders
Item #: 425
Dritz Home Glass Square Knob
Item #: 47000
Dritz Home Glass Bubble Knob
Item #: 47001
Dritz Home Glass Faceted Knob
Item #: 47002
Dritz Home Pressed Glass Year Knob
Item #: 47003
Dritz Home Glass Faceted Ball Knob
Item #: 47006
Dritz Home Ceramic Fancy Glaze Knob
Item #: 47017
Dritz Home Ceramic Paris Knob
Item #: 47020
Dritz Home Ceramic Compass Knob
Item #: 47021