Braided, knit and woven elastics should be mainstays in your basket of sewing supplies. Why? Because they're an integral part of many basic - and fun - sewing projects. Waistbands for cute kids' skirts or pants call for elastic - and so do fun fabric headbands. Specialty elastics include cords for beading and buttonhole loops, and clear elastic that's ideal for constructing or repairing swimwear and athletic wear. Dritz elastics provide utility and function across a wide range of DIY garments and accessories.

Make sure you've got some in your sewing basket. 


Dritz 3/8" Braided Elastic, white
Item #: 11531XW
Dritz 1/4" Braided Elastic, white
Item #: 11530XW
Dritz 1/8 inch braided white elastic
Item #: 11329W
Dritz 1/4" Braided Elastic
Item #: 11330B
Dritz 1" Braided Elastic
Item #: 11535W
Dritz 2" Knit Elastic
Item #: 11583B
Dritz 1/2" Knit Elastic, white
Item #: 11316W
Dritz 3/4" Knit Elastic
Item #: 11317W
Dritz 1-1/4 inch sport elastic
Item #: 11326W

Knit Non-Roll


Dritz Round Cord Elastic, black
Item #: 11342B
Dritz Beading Cord Elastic
Item #: 11340W
Dritz Round Cord Elastic
Item #: 11342W

Woven Non-Roll