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Product Details
About this Product: 
  • Squeezable and fun
  • Filled with smoothing massaging ergoBeads™
  • Features a quote to capture your hobby:
    • When life throws you scraps... make a quilt!
    • From my hands... to yuor heart!
    • My soul is fed with needle and thread.
    • I'd rather be quilting!
    • Creativity at work!
    • Creative hands are rarely tidy!
    • So much fabric, so little time...
    • Artist at work
    • Wish, Dream, Do!
    • Scrapbooking (Skrap-buk-kin): a legacy of memories
    • Create your dream!
    • Imagination will take you anywhere!

Multi colors

Quantity: 24
Item Number: 82332AST
UPC: 072879823325
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