DIY Halloween Projects and Dritz Product Ideas

DIY Halloween Projects & Product Ideas

Inspiration for making some pretty spooky stuff.

Isn’t Halloween one of your favorite holidays? The more creative and off-the-wall your costumes and party decorations are, the better! We’ve got some great inspiration to fuel your DIY projects. Some favorite costume ideas: a 10-minute no-sew Frankenstein and a witchy elastic waist tulle skirt – both of these work well for kids and adults. Visit our blog for more Halloween madness.

Come on, we know you love Halloween.

Dritz elastic for Halloween DIY costume making

Dritz Elastic for Halloween Costumes

Skirts, belts, masks and more.

You’ll be surprised at how handy elastic is for Halloween making. Woven non-roll elastic is great for belts and skirts because it resists twisting. Little princesses will love the sparkle that glitter elastic adds to costumes and accessories. The sky’s the limit with new fold-over elastic; there are many colors and prints perfect for a variety of projects. 

Dritz safety pins for Halloween DIY costume making

Dritz Safety Pins for Halloween No-Sew

Costumes made easy!

Safety pins work in a functional way to simply hold costumes together in a pinch. There are also some clever ways to use safety pins as the main design feature of your costume. Not sure what we mean? Check out this skull t-shirt. Need more? You’ve probably seen Frankenstein – he’s a favorite.

Dritz cheesecloth for Halloween crafts

Dritz Cheesecloth for Halloween Crafts

Webs, ghosts and party décor.

Cheesecloth for Halloween? Yes, sir! This versatile material is inexpensive and super easy to use. You can buy it packaged or by-the-yard for tons of Halloween fun. You can drape just about anything with cheesecloth for quick and easy party decorating, or use it to make ghoulish ghosts and unique treats.

Dritz fusibles and Stitch Witchery for no-sew crafts

Dritz Fusibles for Halloween Making

Iron it on and you’re ready.

Not a sewist? No worries. You’ll want to browse the fusibles and Stitch Witchery® items that are perfect for no-sew costume making and quick seasonal decorations. How do you use it? Simply sandwich it between fabric layers and press. Easy or what? Liquid Stitch™ Original fabric glue is another great no-sew option.