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Dritz Tutorial: How Many Yards of Bias Strips will Fabric Produce

Bias Strips Yardage Chart

Learn how many yards of bias strips your fabric will produce using this handy bias yardage chart. It includes information for varying widths of fabric ranging from 36" to 60" wide. You'll use bias strips to make bias tape and bias binding for use in a variety of quilting and sewing projects.

Dritz Tutorial: How to Cut and Sew Bias Strips

Bias Strips, How to Cut and Sew

Bias strips are important because they become other things. In this sewing tutorial you will learn how to cut and sew bias strips for use in making bias tape and bias binding for use in a variety of quilting and sewing projects. 

Dritz Tutorial: How to Use a Bias Tape Maker

Bias Tape Maker, How to Use

Learn how to use a bias tape maker to fold and press bias tape.You'll feed bias-cut fabric strips through this tool to make perfect bias tape every time. You'll learn the difference between single-fold bias tape and double-fold tape, and where to use each type of tape.

Dritz Tutorial: How to Find a Grainline

Fabric Grainlines, How to Find

Learn the differences between lengthwise, crosswise and bias grainlines in fabric. You'll need to understand grainlines when working with sewing patterns and when cutting bias strips from fabric. 

Dritz Tutorial: How to Measure Yourself

Tape Measures, How to Measure Yourself

Your personal measurements make you unique. Knowing what they are will help you sew or choose clothing that fits better (no more baggy butts). You’ll feel better, too (no more binding waistlines)! Learn how to take a variety of body measurements using this guide and a standard 60" tape measure.