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Dritz Tutorial: How to Use a Needle Board

Needle Board, How to Use

Learn how to use a needle board when working with pile fabrics such as velvet, velveteen or wide wale corduroy. These fabrics have a deep raised nap and the needle board allows you to press these fabrics without "crushing" them. The needle board gives you a great finished product - download the PDF to see how it works!

Dritz Tutorial: How to Use a Tailor’s Board

Tailor’s Board, How to Use

Pressing is a vital part of successful sewing. Without pressing, your projects will have puckered seams and lack an expert quality. A tailor's board is a versatile tool that can be positioned in multiple ways to press points, seams and hard-to-get-at edges. Set the tailor's board on a stable surface such as a table. Use with your steam iron to press to perfection.