Deluxe Chalk Hem Marker by Dritz®

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Mark your own hem. Marks hems 4-1/2 inch to 29-1/2 inch from the floor. Chalk powder included.

Item Number: 699
Barcode Number: 072879119213

To assemble Hem Marker: 1.Pull down on legs until tops are flush with base. Then swing legs up to lock flared ends into slots. 2.Remove chalk container from spray nozzle and fill with chalk. Push container back into nozzle(A). 3.Attach spray nozzle onto smll peg on slider. To Mark Hems: 1.Try on garment. If garment is cut on the bias - let it hang for 24 hours before marking. 2.Wear shoes and stand on a hard surface. 3.Line up top of slider with desired measurement from floor. NOTE - The markings on the ruler have been positioned to ensure an accurate measurement from the floor. 4.Stand erect with garment just touching powder dispenser. Squeeze bulb to make a neat chalk line(B). 5.Continue around skirt making marks approximately 2 to 3 inches apart. 6.Fold and press hemline at marks. 7.Trim and finish hem edges - stitch by hand or machine.


Sub Category: Marking, Measuring & Pressing

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