Anti-Skid Gripper Fabric by Dritz®

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Anti-Skid Gripper Fabric * For sewing on soles of pajamas feet and slippers * Provides a gripping and anti-skid surface to prevent slipping and falling *Can also be used on base of household items such as lamps and decorative items to prevent scratches * Machine wash fabric prior to use. Machine wash warm - remove immediately. Do not use fabric softeners. Drip dry. Do not dry clean. Do not iron/press. * 100% Cotton fabric/ERB anti-skid dots

Item Number: 564
Barcode Number: 072879269567

1. Follow general pattern instructions for cutting fabric. 2. Using sole pattern pieces - cut out two soles from anti-skid fabric. 3. With wrong sides together - pin sole of anti-skid fabric to sole of fabric, baste. 4. Continue following pattern instructions - making sure anti-skid fabric remains on outside of sole.


Sub Category: Sewing & Finishing
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