Washaway Foundation Paper by Dritz Quilting™

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Use for: Paper foundation piecing for quilting. Stabile machine embroidery. Quilting designs. Use with: Ink or bubble jet printers. Copy machines. Pens - pencils and rubber stamps.

Item Number: 3190
Barcode Number: 072879031904

Set sewing machine at 12 stitches per inch. If feed dogs tear paper - reduce the pressure on the presser foot. Press with dry iron on wool setting. Quilting Instructions-Remove paper from seams fefore layering and quilting. For lightly quilted projects - paper may be left on during quilting. It will disappear when completed project is washed. For heavily quilted projects - remove paper before quilting. Store Wash-Away Paper in plastic bag to keep it clean and wrinkle free.


Sub Category: Piecing
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