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*Wind bobbin thread directly from sewing machine. No need to unthread needle or use an additional spool of thread. *Includes a built-in thread holder for filling bobbins from taller spools - up to 5 inch. *Adjustable tension disk for a variety of threads. *Easy to follow thread guide. Fills most plastic and metal bobbins. *Compact size for easy storage or travel. *Removable cover stores conveniently under winder. *Complete instructions included. *Use with power adaptor or 2 AA batteries. (batteries not included) For household use only. 1 Year Limited Warranty

Item Number: 27500
Barcode Number: 072879267921

Set-Up: 1. Remove cover (winder will fit inside of cover). 2. For battery operation: Insert 2 AA batteries in battery compartment. 3. For adapter operation: Connect the power cord adapter into bobbin winder and wall outlet. 4. Flip the switch on the side to select battery or adapter power. 5. Press start button. (A)Filling with spool of thread: 1. Pull thread spindle up to fully extend. Place thread on spindle. 2. Following directional arrows - pass thread through thread guide (1) and around adjustable tension disk (2). For heavier thread - loosen tension by turning knob to the left. For finer thread - tighten tension by turning knob to the right. 3. Pass thread end from inside bobbin and out through hole. Push onto bobbin spindle (3) until locked in place. If there is no hole - wind thread several times around bobbin - until secure - and then place on bobbin spindle. 4. Move bobbin stop until it rests against bobbin shaft. While holding thread end - press button (4) to start. Winder will stop automatically when full. To fill partially - move bobbin stop into off position to stop winding action. 5. When finished - cut thread by inserting in thread cutter or snipping with scissors. (B) Direct filling from sewing machine: 1. Do not unthread machine needle. Position winder to left of sewing machine. Reduce sewing machine tension and pull thread from machine needle and under presser foot - pass thread through thread guide and around adjustable tension disk - skipping thread spindle. Loosen tension disk. 2. Load bobbin as indicated above in steps 3 and 4. (C) Filling with serger thread: 1. Position cover - top down - to the right of winder. Fully extend thread guide and place spool in cover on designated position. 2. Run thread through top of serger thread guide. Pass thread through winder thread guide(1) and around adjustable tension disk (2) as indicated above - skipping thread spindle. Continue with steps 3 and 4 above.


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