Perfect Waist Maker by Dritz®

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For 1-1/4 Inch Waistbands. Fusible Waistband Interfacing. For medium to heavyweight fabrics. Washable and Dry Cleanable. *Always test to be sure temperature and timing are appropriate for fabric.

Item Number: 210
Barcode Number: 072879112542

1.Cut Perfect Waist Maker to length of waistband. Trim 1/2 inch from each end seam allowance. 2.Place Perfect Waist Maker - coated side down - on wrong side of fabric waistband. Align edge of narrower side with seamline. (The perforated line should correspond with the waistband foldline.) TIP-Perfect Waist Maker can be trimmed along lengthwise edges to fit narrower waistbands. Trim evenly from both edges. 3.Set steam iron on WOOL . Using a damp press cloth, press for 15 seconds. Repeat on right side of fabric waistband. Allow to cool. Check bond - press again if necessary. 4.Finish waistband inside edge as desired. 5.Pin waistband to garment and stitch. Press seam allowance up toward waistband. 6.Stitch and turn ends of waistband. Fold waistband along perforated line and press. 7.From right side - stitch-in-the-ditch along waistband garment seam.


Sub Category: Bonding & Stabilizers

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