45mm Rotary Cutter by Dritz Cutting

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*Soft grip handle reduces wrist and hand strain. * Tungsten-carbon steel blade - double-honed for maximum sharpness. * Cuts single or multiple fabrics in any direction. * If necessary - wipe off excess oil from blade before using. * For best results - use KAI blades. Most 45mm blades will work with this cutter.

Item Number: 1050
Barcode Number: 072879250015

To release safety lock - select light(a) for single layers and lightweight fabrics or heavy duty(b) setting for multiple layers or heavy weight fabrics. Blade engages automatically when pressure is applied for cutting. Caution: Blade is extremely sharp. When not in use - put lever in lock position (c). Always use a protective cover for your work surface such as a cutting mat. This product is guaranteed free of defects in workmanship. Damage due to normal wear - abuse or mishandling is not covered. The rotary blade is excluded from warranty. For service proof of purchase is required.


Sub Category: Cutters

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