Fray Check™

Last Updated: June 11, 2004

How can I remove it?
Fray Check can be dissolved with household rubbing alcohol. Because alcohol may affect the color of a fabric, it is important to perform a test in an inconspicuous area to be sure there will be no color change or ring formation. To remove Fray Check: Soak the affected area in full-strength alcohol for no less than 30 minutes. The alcohol needs time to dissolve away the plastic. Rinse the fabric thoroughly with plain water. For dry clean only fabrics, request the dry cleaner to soak the garment in a solution that contains denatured alcohol.

Is it flammable?
In dried form, it is non-flammable. In liquid form, it is flammable and should be kept away from an open flame.

Is it toxic?
In dried form, Fray Check behaves like a plastic and is nontoxic. In liquid form, Fray Check is toxic. If the product is ingested, induce vomiting immediately and seek medical attention. If the product comes in contact with the eyes, flush the eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation occurs, consult a physician.

What is its composition?
Fray Check is a nylon plastic in an alcohol base.

Why does it dry white?
Because Fray Check is a plastic, it will sometimes appear white on darker fabrics (black, navy, etc.). ALWAYS perform a test on a scrap piece of your fabric to be sure you will be satisfied with the results.

Will it yellow on my garment over time?
Because Fray Check is a plastic, it may yellow over time. This is more noticeable on light-colored fabrics. Be mindful of this when applying Fray Check to the right side of any garment.

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